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05 August 2014 Entertainment Tips

The TV Series "Power" l it’s back! July 1st,

Drake  "blackface" picture

Whitney Houston picture on Pusha T Album cover was purchase by  kanye west for 85k

Brody Jenner Wedding is not being attending by his sister or father (Bruce Jenner)

Snoop on the view about Kanye west behavior (he miss his mom and need a black women in his life)


Top Music Mix
Playlist June 6th- https://soundcloud.com/longe-mag/sets/longefm-june-6-top-10

Traction by Austin Awake
Summer Nights by Soundstream
Voices by Eskell
Boo’d Up by Ella Mai
Talk to me Nice by Dream Doll
I wanna know now by Omeil F/ JK
Finesses by Bruno mars
No Tears Left by Ariana Grande
Weed Market Delly Ranks
Doesn’t Matter by Gallant
Purples and Blues by Alyssa Sequoia

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