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13 November 2018 Radio Show

Longe FM Radio.

Hosted by Ms.T

Always Talking about Business, Fashion and Entertainment + our top 10 Songs.

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09 August 2014 Blog

Listen Last week Live in the Longe!

Top 10 Trend in business

06 August 2014 Business Tips

Top 10 Trend in business ? based on

  • Artificial Intelligence Drives Customer Experience
  • Communities Embrace Live Interactions Over Social Media
  • Millennials Welcome Generation Z
  • Wages And More On The Rise
  • Social Learning Outperforms Remote Learning
  • Live Streaming Video Content Gains Momentum
  • Serve Your Community Not Just Buyers
  • Marketing Drives Results With A Focus On Problems
  • Subject Matter Experts Open Doors
  • Blockchain Embraced By Big Players



About Us

Longe FM is a voice that Brings audience the latest on Business, Fashion, Entertainment and what is going on in the community. The radio wave can be heard in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and World Wide Via With over 500K+ Listerner Daily, LongeFM is the right place to spread the word to Anyone.

Open Hour: 10:00AM~3:00PM
Live on Air : Tuesday@ 5:00Pm
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